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design process


Our practices for engaging and working with clients are tailored to individual preferences, yet we follow a structured process to ensure every project progresses smoothly towards your dream home.

1: Conceptual Design

At this phase, we gather information from you, your wish list, budget, and timeline. We also collect data from the city and conduct a property survey. 


We also support you with the hire the other professionals such as structural engineer, surveyor, title 24 and others. We engage them as we progress with the design process to provide their design inputs. 

Using these inputs, we prepare a conceptual design that includes 2D plans, a 3D model, and images to visualize both the exterior and interior.


We then obtain rough budget estimates from one or two potential contractors to assess the feasibility of the proposed concept.


We iteratively consider cost and design trade-offs until you are satisfied with the overall concept.

By the end of this phase, we have a refined design that meets your needs and budget framework .

2: Design Development

Many location required first to obtain a Planning review and approval. 

We create drawings for Planning review and partner with the planners to obtain their approval. During this phase we work also with you based on the planner feedback until we reached the optimal design that you like and the Planning can approve. 

We are updating the design visualization model of the exterior and the interior design. We create realistic images to visualize the proposed design within the neighborhood and the interior to finalize design choices.

As needed, we represent you at any required hearing to overcome objections. We prepare a presentation materials to address concerns and comments, to demonstrate the design as part of your neighborhood, until obtaining an approved design. 

3: Construction Documents

The final design is developed for city reviews with a complete set of construction documents, leading to obtain permit approval.

After obtaining Planning approval, we prepare the construction documents, including plans, notes, and technical specifications for Building review. This set combines structural plans, an energy report, and a CAL Green checklist.


Potential contractors use these documents to prepare bids and, once approved, to build your house.

4: Bidding for Construction

We recommend qualified contractors for the bidding process and submit bid packages to those you select. We assist contractors in understanding the plans to provide accurate bids. We review the submitted bids with you, helping compare costs, identify differences between proposals, and uncover hidden cost items.

5: Construction Administration

Once you select a contractor and construction begins, we assist with:

1. Material selection and necessary fixtures for the house.
2. Rigorous construction oversight, ensuring close involvement with the contractor before and during construction to minimize costly changes and ensure the building is constructed precisely to your aesthetic preferences and budget.

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