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ANAV DESIGN studio was established in 2002 by Anat Shmariahu. It is specialized in single family house design, building and interior, in a modernist contemporary styles. "Our house design is clean, using simple forms with attention to details. The timeless minimalist design on one hand is unique, and on the other, fits well in the neighborhood scale and forms. Our design is functional with a reason for every line or volume, plenty of natural light is crucial in our projects and it is customized to each client’s needs, location, wishes and budget" she says. 

"Whether it’s a new house that you want to design, addition or remodeling, our design approach is holistic, to reach a complete house in harmony. We also have lot of experience with Planning and Building departments across most of the Cities in Bay Area and know how to get Permit approval." 

Shmariahu grew up surrounded by relatives who were civil engineers. “It was always a part of my life,” she says. In her case, it led to a bachelor degree at the faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion, Haifa, Israel, following two years of studying Architectural Design studying at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Shmariahu worked as an architect in Israel until 2002, when she and her family relocated to California and she established ANAV-DESIGN Studio.

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