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Maximize Your Floor Plan

Make the most of your interior and exterior spaces by eliminating wasted space, adding versatility in few spaces and connecting the house to your yard. “Maximize the of use every part of your house,” Shmariahu says. 


A Los Altos homeowner asked Shmariahu for a complete remodel of his existing home. “The lot is narrow, with protected trees. It was a challenging design effort to practically make a completely new home and yet keep it for the city as a remodeling project. We went with that,” she says. One side of the home houses the four bedrooms and the bath. The other side, with the living room, kitchen and dining area, is open from the front to the back yard. “I used repeating skylights and light fixtures along the ceiling with folding doors at the back to draw you through the space,” she says. Shmariahu also eliminated all inside hallways to provide as much space as possible within the rooms. 

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